Ready-to-use Bread Mixes and Bread Concentrates, is an area of growing interest. About 1000 different ingredients are required for compounding the whole Saca range. Bread mixes and concentrates are more and more requested not only by craft bakers, but also by plant bakeries. They are in fact an easy way to produce a wide range of constant-quality bread specialties, such as regional, ethnic and functional bread. Our experience and skills in this market area, have produced a unique range of compounds that meet the growing demand of the market place.

Our mixes contain all the ingredients useful and necessary to the success of the finished product.
Quality, ease of use and economic benefit are always balanced in our proposals.
Depending on the type of mix and on volume potential, we can concentrate all mixes at 20-50%

Multi-Cereals Multi-Seeds
Durum wheat
Soft bread

Wellbeing mixes

Modern nutrition is re-discovering the traditional baking, sourcing from ancient grains and novel ingredients, among which materials such as Quinoa, Chia, Curcuma, Hemp and others. Following the increasing health-trend in food, modern bread makers are trying to develop bread types with high nutritional and functional values, that supply a lot more benefits to the consumer than regular bread does.

Multi-cereals mixes

This is a complete line of mixes for fiber-rich bread, containing typical ingredients such as cereals flakes, oats, wheat, barley, buckwheat, wheat spelt...
Their optimum balance, makes the final taste and flavour very pleasant. This wide range of mixes with high fibers and minerals, couple their delicate fragrance with high digestibility.

Multi-cereals-with-seeds mixes

Comprehensive range of mixes for fiber-rich bread, with balanced nutritional value and nice eating pleasure. These mixes, contain various qualities of seeds like, sunflower, millet, sesame, linseeds and also soy grits and cereals flakes, oats, buckwheat, rye...

Soy mix

It is a mix for high-protein bread, rich in soy flour and toasted soy grits. This very nice tasting bread, offers high nutritional value, with good amonts of vegetable proteins, high value fats, lecithins, vitamins and minerals.

Rye mix

This range of mixes helps preparing the traditional rye brown bread, soft and fresh for days, fiber-rich and higly digestible.

Durum wheat mix

This mix offers the possibility to reproduce the typical bread of the Southern traditional Mediterranean diet. The bread has coarse and open texture, with dark and solid crust. The nutritional value comes from the high level of gluten proteins. Typically made in large loafs, it keep well for days.

Oat mix

This mix contains a very high level of oats flour, well known for its nutritional qualities, like high protein content, and presence of beta glucanes, manganese, phosphorous, fagnesium, folates, and vitamins B1, B5, just to mention the main ones.

Corn mix

This mix is for making the typical yellow corn bread, with its typical delicate but distinctive taste. Moreover, mais flour being gluten free, this mix represent s a good opportunity for all those consumer that suffer from the celiac desease.

Traditional mix

This is a range of mixes for easy preparation of the most classic Italian bread types, like baguette, integral bread, ciabatta and durum wheat bread.

Soft bread mixes

With this range of mixes, it will be possible to easily produce a wide range of soft bread types, like burger buns and hot dogs, luxury rolls, toast bread, morning bread and more.

Pumpkin mix

This is a special item, particularly useful around Halloween, for making nice bread specialities containing high amounts of pumpkin pulp. Such bread specialities will be soft and rich, with nice warm yellow colour. They will be rich in vitami B and E, with OMEGA 3, OMEGA 6, iron and fibers.

Potato mix

This mix is very rich in high quality potato flour. The bread will have rich body, pleasant taste and flavour, and will stay fresh for days.

Snacks mix

There are mixes here, that allow the easy preparation of various types of nice snacks, like crackers, small pizza and focaccia pie, grissini, bretzel and more.

Spelt mix

This is becoming a very popular item, as spelt is a very energetic cereal, with strong anti-oxidative action. With this mix, it will be possible to produce well developed bread, and also pizza and pie bottoms, with nice consistency. Best results, if prepared by adding some extra virgin olive oil to the dough.

Rice mix

Line of different mixes based on flour, flakes and puffed rice. Rice is a typical and traditional cereal of the Italian cuisine, suitable for healthy eating. The obtained breads are light, soft and easily digestible, with a light and captivating color and a delicate taste suitable to accompany most foods.

Bread-mix with Venere Black rice, the first black Italian wholemeal rice, with its characteristic black color due to the presence of antioxidants and, compared to refined rice, has a higher fiber content.
Bread has long-lasting fragrance and the typical taste of Venere rice.

Buckwheat mix

This innovative mix contains buckwheat whole meal flour in good amonuts, sunflower seeds, linseeds and oats flour. Especially if some extra vergin olive oil is added to the dough, the bread will be particularly appreciated for its taste, flavour and consistency. I twill be possible to make not only bread, but also pies, pizza bottoms, focaccia, pita.

Mix with active motherdough

This mix, containg active mother dough powder, allows making bread with one single dough, in replacement of the double-dough process, but retaining the same organoleptic qualities.


Find others functional ingredients and powder preps for the bakery industry:
bread creams, malt flours and malt extracts, anti-rope, etc.

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Our wellbeing mixes

We have developed specific compounds that fulfil the daily need of the consumer for nutritional and beneficial food. Our mixes contain selected ingrediends for such purpose, among which the best of seeds, herbs, ancient grains and cereals.

Fiocco di riso

Sunflower seeds

They are protein rich, and have high content of Lenoic acid, B1 vitamin, Iron, Magnesium and other vitamins and minerals.

Fiocco di riso

Dai grandi valori nutrizionali sono ricchi di amido e fibre.

Hemp seeds

They are rich in OMEGA3 and OMEGA6, and also contain 25% proteins and all essential amynoacids, indispensable for protein building.

Quinoa seeds

They are completely gluten free and contain less starch and more proteins than other cereals or seeds. A good level of Calcium and Iron is also present.


They represent one of the main source of vegetable Omega-3 fatty acids, and have a very high content of minerals.

Semi di miglio

Ricchi di sali minerali, vitamina A, vitamina B e privo di glutine.

Pumpkin seeds

They are highly digestible and rich in B and E vitamins. Thery also contain high amounts of Magnesium, Zinc, Iron, OMEGA3 and OMEGA6 fatty acids.

Chia seeds

They are very fiber rich, with antioxidants and Omega-3 fatty acids. They are also an important source of Calcium.

Amaranth seeds

Highly digestible and gluten-free, they are protein rich, fiber and B group vitamins.

Sesame seeds

They are rich in Calcium, Phosphorus, Magnesium and contain oleic acids, which contribute to lowering the cholesterol level.


It is capable to inactivate the free-radicals, therefore showing anti-aging, anti-oxidative and anti-cancer activity.



This is a mix for nice tasting bread, fiber and proteins rich, and with 20% less carbohydrates than regular white bread.
100 g bread supply about 15% of the required daily intake of Omega-3 fatty acids.

Cerealgraing LC


This is a mix for bread with high proteins, more than 7% fibers, and low carbohydrates level (30% less than in regular bread).

Enriched with Linseeds and Sunflower seeds, it can stay fresh for days.


Integrale al riso

Mix completamente naturale per un pane fragrante e gustoso, ricco di fibre, con tutta l'integralità del germe e della crusca di riso.

Pan Curcuma


Pancurcuma contains high amounts of curcumine, the main active component of the Curcuma roots. It is well known for its exceptional and powerful properties: anticancer, purifying, antistress, antioxidant, liver protector. Pancurcuma bread is nicely yellow, with the typical taste of the Curcuma roots. A regular consumption will contribute to the overall well being of the organism.

Chia mix

WITH CHIA SEEDS, sunflower SEEDS, Rye flour, LINSEEDS and Pumpkin seeds.

Amongst all the other valuable ingredients, the Chia Mix contains Chia seeds. They are a well known source of citamin C, calcium, magnesium, potassium, iron, OMEGA 3 and 6 fatty acids. They are also very energetic and help the digestion. A regular use of Chia Mix will help the overall well being of the organism.


With seeds of millet, amaranth and quinoa.

Well balanced Bread-mix with Millet, Amaranth and Quinoa seeds. Proteins rich with nutritional profile which enhances that of cereals. Wheat bran enriches the fiber content.
Extra virgin olive oil, with its exclusive fatty acid composition, improves the product nutritional profile.

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Pastry mixes

We have developed a wide range of mixes for making the pastry classics. Every receipe has been balanced with all the required ingredients, in order to reproduce the same result of a professional pastry producer. The high quality of the ingredients guarantees appreciacion and success of our mixes. The mixes come in a covenience form and enable to obtain all the time pastry of constant and high quality standards. Every mix is constantly revised by our Aplication Labs, for mantaining top quality standards.

Our pastry mixes offer many advantages to the producer: they come in a powder convenience form, the processing is very simple, the obtainable pastry is top quality, and can be enriched furter, at choice. There is no waste, so they’re economically sound!

In case of large consumptions, we can offer the pastry mixes in their concentrated form. Also, we can make receipe adaptations, and even tailor made products on request.

Sponge cake
Croissants and brioches
Plum cake
Puff pastry

Sponge cake

We offer many different recipes, but all of them will give equally perfect results for making sponge cakes that can be consumed as such, or enriched furter at choice. The sponge cakes will have, perfect shape, fine and even crumb texture, thin peel, nice softness but will stand wettings and cream fillings.

Croissants and brioches mixes

We offer balanced mixes to easily and quickly produce excellent leavened pastries such as croissants, brioches, sweet rolls and the like. In any case, the customer can customize the processing. For extra convenience, the mix may already contain the eggs. Following the available processing details, it will be possible to produce all the time perfect croissanterie.

Plum cake

This mix is suitable for many aplications, Plum cakes, Fruit cakes, ring cakes, muffins... The producer can enrich the batter further at choice, with chocolate drops, shredded coconut, dry fruit crumbles, candied fruit pieces, raisins.


IThis is a specially designed mix for making the right muffins. These pastry products are more and more requested, especially by the Horeca organisations.
While the mix anable the production of the basic muffin, further enrichment can be done at choice, by adding to the batter, chocolate pieces, berries and decorationg with ripples or toppings.


This mix enable the producer to make, without many efforts, the classic Italian festivity cake, which otherwise would be very difficult to make. This sweet is becoming more and more popular in many countries. The perfect balance of the ingredients, gives top volume products, with good resilience of the crumb and long lasting freshness.


Colomba is also another Italian pastry classic for the Easter time. In the proper paper mould, it will come in the shape of a pidgeon, topped with a special almond icing called “ghiaccia”. Here again, our mix offers extremely good results with shape, volume, crumb resilience, long lasting freshness and perfectly balanced flavour.

Puff patry mix

This is a mix for making all kind of basic, sweet or salty, puff pastry. I twill be possible to use it for preparing nice sweets, such as vol-au-vent, millefoglie (with layers of vanilla custerd cream and whipped cream).


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custard creams, baking powder, ingredients for cake toppings, etc.

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