A 50 years long-lasting story of success

We manufacture and market a wide range of functional ingredients, intermediates and specialties for the baked goods industry.

Started more than 50 years ago, SACA SPA has become a leading producer of advanced functional ingredients for the bread and the pastry industries. Customer focus, operational flexibility, high quality standards associated with strong service level, are the foundations of SACA un-rested growth over the past decades. Nowadays, our Customers rank from the industry‘s leaders and DOB’s, to small specialized artisans, whom we serve through our wide sales network.
The Company stands over an area of 16.000 Although our product portfolio is quite comprehensive, SACA has retained a good level of production flexibility which, joint with strong Application and Development capabilities, allow SACA to offer also tailor made solutions to Customers.

In our ongoing improvements and expansion process, we have obtained several certifications such as IFS, RSPO SG grade, UNI EN ISO 9001:2015, LOA CE 1695, Kosher, Halal.

Business Responsibility

Saca has always been aware of the responsibilities deriving from working within the food supply chain. The company is a SME producing semi-finished products within the supply chain and is particularly subject to the restrictions and demands posed by its professional costomers. Saca has worked to translate this awareness into concrete actions towards product innovation and compliance with environmental regulations.

We consider the Double Pyramid proposed by BCFN Foundation ( a point of reference for this approach. It can be summarized as follows:

We improve the nutritional profile of existing products, researching innovative ingredient solutions in line with the Double Pyramid model and launching new products in line with this approach.
We develop new products increasingly in line with the Mediterranean diet, recognized as the best in the world, which also translates into the reformulation of existing recipes in order to improve their nutritional profile.

We provide consistent information in the technical documents accompanying the goods:
In the Technical Data Sheets relevant information are available on the physical chemical composition and nutritional values.
In the product application sheets, further advice is offered and usage suggestions for their correct use.
We apply a systematic model that allows the correct selection of suppliers and the traceability of raw materials.

Recycling of packaging materials

Discover the codes of the packaging materials for the purpose of proper disposal and recovery. Read now.


Our company is committed to reducing emissions and has made major investments in the production of solar energy, which supplies a large part of our production. We also implement the optimization of logistics through a timely planning of raw materials arrivals and distribution of products, with consequent reduction of unnecessary costs and pollution.

In order to reduce the environmental impact of our production, we have put in place procedures to minimize waste, pollution and any waste is treated in compliance with legal environmental standards.

Finally, the Company pays special attention to training the staff on the issues of compliance with procedures in order to ensure maximum safety at the workplace.

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