Saca offers a wide range of antistaling agents, for packed-long life bakery items.

Istant mono

It's the most effective antistaling agent, made form selected distilled monoglycerides (E471), further stabilised in the hydrated beta starch complexing phase.

The Istant Mono range includes more than 10 items that meet all possible applications and composition requirements. They are in the form of white paste, easily workable.

The Istant Mono range has monoglyceride content ranging from 20% to 40%. The Istant Mono products provide freshness and long shelf-life to bakery products such as Panettone, Colombe and Pandori also to croissants, hamburger buns, hot dogs, soft breads and pizza bottoms. Istant Mono can be added directly to the dough, at 1-2% in bread and 3-4% in yeast raised pastry items.
The Istant Mono range is all vegetable, from RSPO palm or from rapeseed oil, Kosher and Halal certified, gluten and Lactose free.


It's a range of distilled monoglycerides (E471) in fine powder form, free flowing and cold water dispersible with strong antistaling proprerties.

Rapidmul can be directly added to the dough at 3,0-4,0% on the flour weight.

Rapidmul provide long lasting freshness to bread and yeast leavened pastry items, like croissants, brioches, krapfen, Panettone. Equally useful as freshness enhancer in all sponge pastry items. Rapidmul are made from RSPO palm or from palm free fats and oils. Kosher and Halal certified. The products are gluten and lactose free.


The Softer range is made from selected enzymes providing clean label freshness and resilience to all kind of bakery goods, bread and pastry.

The Softer range is in fine, free flowing powder form. It can be used as a stand-alone solution, or in combination with Istant Mono or Rapidmul for better antistaling effect.

The Softer range can be treated as processing aid, generally not to be declared on the label. Available in various concentrations, mostly 0.5-1% on the flour weight. Softer can be applied in Panettone, Colombe, Pandori, buns, croissants, brioches, tinbread, buns and soft rolls. Softer products with organic labelling are also available. They are all Kosher and Halal certified.

Vegemul 60

Vegemul 60 is a range of mono and diglycerides (E471) in soft anhydrous paste form of vegetable origin.

Vegemul 60 can be used in leavened bakery products as panettone, pandoro, colombe, veneziane as well as croissants, brioches and morning goods. Also suitable in chimically raised products such as plum cake and cakes in general.

Added at 3-5% on the weight of the added fat, Vegemul 60 acts as an emulsifying agent favoring the micro dispersion of the fat in the dough and contributing to a better texture and greater softness of the final product. Vegemul 60 is vegetable origin, both RSPO Certified Palm or Palm Free. Kosher and Halal certified, lactose and gluten free.

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