Additional products

Functional ingredients and powder preps for the bakery industry.

Custard creams

Rapida and Goldcrem are Saca’s dedicated specialties for easy production of high quality custard creams: Rapida for instant cold creams and Goldcrem for traditional warm creams.

We offer different kinds of ready-mix suitable for use both pre/after baking and for freezing. In our application work we are able to develop formulations for special production requirements. The flavor, color, texture and stability of the cream ensures long, smooth and homogeneous appearance even after baking.


Rapida can be made up just by adding cold water/milk and slowly mixing it with an open beater. The cream will be an ideal filling for croissants, krapfen, cakes, etc.


Goldcrem can be prepared by mixing it with water/milk and processing in a cream cooker. The resulting cream is ideal as cake topping, croissant filling, desserts, etc.

Bread creams

Range of fat (lard) based products in paste, form soft and white, for softer and better bread.

Suitable for luxury bakery products, our sweetened and flavored bread creams gives the bread very good color and flavor.

We propose different types of this kind of condiments with variable content of lard, with or without dextrose and sugar. They can be added directly to the dough at 4-6%.

Baking powder

The Baking Powder range offers a wide selection of raising powders for all kind of chemically raised pastry.

Their composition is balances in order to obtain a wide range of behaviors in the oven. Slow cooking of large size cakes and fast baking for light biscuits and sponges.

Malt flours and malt extracts

Always used for the production of bread, they activate a transformation process that optimizes the crispness and appearance of the bread crust.

Our malted flours, all with enzymatic diastasic activity have variable concentration levels

The Saca range of malt products come from a variety of grains, in order to obtain diverse organoleptic profiles and functionality. They are very versatile ingredients for bakery applications, bread, biscuits, puff pastry, pastry, etc...

Ingredients for cake toppings

Natural ingredient for topping of baked goods.

The Italian traditional festivity cakes, like Panettone and Colomba, use to have a typical topping called ghiaccia made from sugar, egg albumen, almond flour and flavours. Galax is a range of flours from precooked extruded rice and wheat. They are used to give the right texture to such toppings and are equally used to improve the texture of “amaretti” type biscuits

Available in the Chiaro (light) and Scuro (dark) versions.


Dedicated preparation for rope prevention (Bacillus mesentericus) in bread.

Against the bread fault commonly caused by Bacillus Mesentericus our anti-rope is an effective antimicrobial. Indispensable for bread making it is also suitable for various confectionery products.

It prevents rope formation in bread, consequent to microbial mesenteric contamination not altering the taste of the finished product.

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