Bakery improvers

By an ougoing research and development programme Saca has developed a wide range of first class powder bakery improvers for all kind of applications.

With the aim of improving the dough as well as the baked products quality, such as volume, shape, crumb texture and resilience, crispiness and freshness, colour, taste and flavor, Saca keeps on testing both traditional and novel ingredients, in order to always reach to top of the bakery performance.

Standard improvers

Powder improvers for all standard bakery applications.

Bakery improvers help standardizing the flour quality and improve the dough characteristics, with better stability to fermentation time and mechanical stress. As effect, the bread will have better shape and volume, uniform crumb texture, crispy golden crust and better taste.

Usable with all types of flour, they slightly improve the dough hydration capacity, considerably increase tolerance to fermentation time and resistance to mechanical stress. Improvers enable uniform crumb texture and volume increase.

Dough relaxing improvers

They are Clean Label improvers, made from yeast extracts and enzymes. This range of improvers, work at very low dosage relaxing stiff doughs, without creating any stickiness.

Concentrated and particularly active even at low dosage, the range includes a wide selection of products. Particularly useful to reduce mixing times, these mixtures work as dough softeners, improving extensibility and structure of the dough during processing.

They are particularly important for processing of grissini, pies, pizza bottoms, puff pastry, crackers, biscuits.

Cold processing improvers

Saca ha developed a specific range of improvers, for all kind of cold processing technologies, like cool cabinets, ready-to-bake, bake off bread and pastry.

They are processing aids for bakery products which undergo a freezing process. In general, the cold processing improvers, protect the dough matrix during freezing and upon freeze storage, and provide good oven spring during baking. At this aim, the improvers may contain also gluten and emulsifiers, which will also avoid bubbles on the crust of bread or croissants.

Our range of improvers is both just enzymatic or with emulsifiers in order to give further power to their functionality.

Sour dough improvers

These improvers are based on enzyme technology, strenghtened by the sour-dough action.

They are particularly useful for improving taste and flavour of the bread made with single dough. Sour doughs obtained from selected grains, help addressing the organoleptic qualities of the bread as desired.
This type of improvers help maintaining the organoleptic characteristics of the finished product stable over time, regardless of the process variations.

Suitable for all types of bread, pizza and focaccia.

Improvers with leavening action

Is a range of improvers containing active sourdough. They can replace the time-taking traditional bread technique allowing to produce single dough bread with equal organoleptic qualities, taste and flavor, volume and freshness as traditionally made.

Our improvers with leavening action, produce lactic fermentation, which will improve fragrance, taste, volume and freshness.

They are suitable for many kind of processing: Tuscan bread, Apulian bread, Ciabatta, etc. As well as for natural leavened pastry such as Panettone, Croissants and Brioches.

Soft bread improvers

Improvers range to obtain and maintain volume and softness.

Not only tradition but also technology. These improvers in powder, based only on enzymes or on enzymes and emulsifiers - E471, E481, E322, etc. - offer different alternatives of maximum efficiency to achieve and maintain a long lasting softness and volume.

This range of improvers is an excellent choice for all those type of bread that require great softness and resilience, long lasting freshness, fine and even crumb texture, thin crust and, of course, nice taste and flavour. They are the best solution for packed-long life items like tin bread, hamburger buns and hot dogs, morning bread, toast and sandwitch bread and rolls, and more. These improvers are available both based on enzyme, or on enzyme emulsifiers techncology. They can equally be used for making nice brioches, pain briochè, sweet luxury rolls and other bakery confectionary items.

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